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If you’re looking for a San Luis Obispo Attorney you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a detailed list of San Luis Obispo Attorneys who provide services to the San Luis Obispo Courthouse and the Paso Robles Courthouse.

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If you are in need of an attorney, our directory will be able to help you find an attorney who can help you with your case.

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About San Luis Obispo Attorneys

San Luis Obispo Lawyers practice and study law and are licensed professionals who advise and represent people in legal matters. Lawyers age ranges from young to old, both male and female.  Nearly 1/3 of all lawyers are under the age of 35 years old.  Almost 1/2 of law students today are women. A lawyers’s two main duties are to uphold the law and protect a client’s rights. An experienced lawyer should understand the law and be an effective communicator for their client. A lawyer must understand laws and the legal system. Lawyers must go through extensive schooling and rigorous testing to become attorneys. In addition to passing a test on legal knowledge, lawyers must pass a character and fitness review where  a committee investigates character and background. Additionally, they take an oath swearing to support the laws and constitutions. Learn more about lawyers >

About San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is a city located off the Highway 101 approximately halfway between San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA. It was once touted as the “Happiest Place in America” by Oprah and National Geographic.  San Luis Obispo’s currently mayor is Heidi Harmon.